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TopicQuestions and Reports
Basic information on the registry
Ordinary people surprised to find themselves on the registry
Culture of fear
Diverting attention from real dangers to children
Kids on the registry
Characteristics of people who hurt or have sexual contact with children
Repeat rates of sex crimes
Political pressure to support harsh sex laws
Destructive effect on society of demonizing its individuals
Does anyone stand up for registrants?
Changes that have been proposed
National age of sexual consent in the US
Mandatory reporting laws for hurting or sexual contact with a child
Prosecution of innocent people
Prosecuting for violence when there was no violence
Erosion of civil rights in the justice system
How many people on the registry
Harsh treatment for minor infractions
Extraordinarily harsh punishments, even for nonviolent sex crimes
Eroding civil liberties
  • Re residency restrictions and discrimination, see Q&A # 27.
  • Re employment restrictions and discrimination, see Q&A # 26.
  • Re presence restrictions (where people are allowed to be), see Q&A # 28.
  • Re travel restrictions, see Q&A # 29.
  • Re remote monitoring, see Q&A # 30 and Q&A # 31.
  • Re response of human rights advocates, see Q&A # 45.
Suicides and murders of registrants
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